Hambourg : Djourou quitte le HSV (Officiel)

Arrivant en fin de contrat avec Hambourg, Johan Djourou (30 ans) a décidé de ne pas disputer une année de plus en Allemagne.

L'ancien défenseur d'Arsenal a officialisé son départ sur Instagram.

Every story has beginning and an end , but only the main actor of his own story really knows how much hard work is done,how much pain is felt, how much love is shared,how emotional it gets,how much pressure there really was. And how hard it was to handle at certain times. But what is certain is that I gave all I had to make the perfect story, but as we all know no one is perfect. But this beautiful, hard, emotional time @hsv I wouldn't change it for anything. It was a different ball game that I was used to, but that how you grow by learning and accepting different philosophy. And I am thankful for that because I grew up a lot as a player and as person,on my 3 years at the club. It's hard to find the words,but I just want to say a Big thank you to everyone at the club I worked with, my ex teammates, my friends,and the all staff. It wasn't always easy but we always managed to do what was impossible for the doubters possible for us . And that's big step to better things to come for the club I am sure. And I wish you guys all the best for the future. My contract is expiring on the 30.06.17 as we all know. I will be turning pages, actually closing up a book full of life. But before that, I want thanks you guys the fans. I know it hasn't always been easy, but I think that in those 3 years we became a team, and it wasn't easy to do, but you guys were just amazing. Always there for us at any moment,always fighting with us against the opposition. And I had the chance to meet some wonderful fans personally, I just want to say thank you to Lotta to Kevin to Julia and her dad for the incredible support, I forgetting some surly but really guys from the bottom of my Hear THANK YOU. I wish I could have said bye differently, but that's the way it goes sometimes…. bye guys and thank you. Tic tac,tic tac,tic tac. Jo #specialtime #hsv #thankyouu #samedifference #allthebest #memories #genevaboy #teamwork #happy #fromtheheart #nevergiveup #love

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